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The lifetime valid Project Management Certifications from your Organization is really simple, easy and great value for investment. Reading your free of charge Project Management training material and doing the test are big fun. The text and diagrams in your training material explain all aspects of Project Management very clearly leaving no room for doubts.
I got a thorough overview of the concepts which I'm rather sure of retaining (for lifetime!) and could relate to the real-projects well. As Project Managers we have been doing projects along similar lines. The concepts you clearly introduced tie these activities and roles into a result-driven Project Management Methodology that is really appreciated by the industry.
I wish IO4PM™ - International Organization for Project Management many more such achievements in the future. Everything exceeded my expectations. I would definitely recommend IO4PM™ Project Management Certification Programs to others who want to either complement their experience with certification or begin Project Management after certification.
Overall, this is my best online certification experience so far!

Ralf Rhodes, Novartis United States,
Accredited Project Manager (APRM™)

Acquiring Accredited Project Manager Certification has met and exceeded my expectations. I would have no hesitation to recommend IO4PM™’s Project Management Certification Programs to any other company or individual.

David Fuller, Ericsson Ireland,
Accredited Project Manager (APRM™)

Project Management techniques are our in-house way delivering our services, and our techniques are the ones chosen by most of our customers all over the world. As a consultancy & training enterprise, we have chosen IO4PM™ - International Organization for Project Management to reinforce our own Project Management training programs. The strategy, of having such an excellent international partner like IO4PM™, has been proved as being the correct one to win more accounts and increase our customer satisfaction.

Rajesh G.E. Bhattacharyya, Tata Educations Services India,
provides IO4PM™’s Project Management Certification Programs to his clients and trainees

Thanks for such a great online Certification Program at a reasonable price! It wasn't easy to find a tailored Program Manager Certification Program which lets me prove my professional experience and personal education in Program Management era.

Jennifer K. Lane, Credit Suisse Switzerland,
Accredited Program Manager (APGM™)

Wanted to thank your organization for providing this service!
I needed to get up and running quickly on Project Management and the online training and testing came very useful. I received all six certifications in one day, and I learned a lot.

James Z. Pierce, Samsung United States,
Accredited Project Manager (APRM™)

I wish I had found your project management certification degrees earlier! Your free training content is extremely well organised and it helped me a lot pass my APRM (Accredited Project Management) and APGM (Accredited Program Management) Certification exams.
Plus your reasonable certification costs encouraged me to achieve these certifications (APRM, APGM, Scrum Master, Six Sigma Master Black Belt) in my first attempts without any fear. You are the best! And thanks for your outstanding student support team!

Zulfiqar Khan, Suncor Energy Canada,
Accredited Project Manager (APRM™), Accredited Program Manager (APGM™)

Licensing as Accredited Program Manager from IO4PM™ is one of the most reasonable choices I have ever done. It lets me convince and win my clients. In return I help them to truly understand, digest and apply Program and Project Management in their Organizations.

Jack P. Watson, Freelance Program/Project Manager Australia,
Accredited Program Manager (APGM™)

It has been a pleasure working with IO4PM™ - International Organization for Project Management. They supported us to rapidly and cost-efficiently develop and certify our Project Management knowhow.

Thomas R. Merz, Daimler AG Germany,
trained and certified his team with IO4PM™’s Project Management Certification Programs

Although we called it "Project Management", our old process has been heavily customized for the working habits of my project leaders and subject matter experts. After having hired our new Accredited Project Managers certified from IO4PM™, we had an outstanding leap to first start using modern Project Management methodologies, and then iteratively customize and adapt them to our own business objectives and demands.

Mike Morgen, Telefonica Argentina,
hired Accredited Project and Program Managers

Project Management is a highly efficient methodology to keep the teams always focused on the overall quality objectives and quality of project deliverables, and to drive the everyday tasks of quality management/controlling processes in line with the business objectives. IO4PM™ - International Organization for Project Management assured us to have right and certified talents in our Project Management Office.

Jeremy K. Anderson, Bowers & Wilkins England,
Accredited Project Manager (APRM™)

First of all I want to thank for your site that I learnt quite a lot. I think, your content is very complete and gave us enough support to comprehend Project, Program and Product Management Methodologies. Nowadays I am establishing Project Management Processes for my team, and thanks to your training program I quickly realized where I am doing good, where I can further improve. Your program contributed huge benefit to my knowhow and experience.

Anne De Leeuw, Shell Netherlands,
Accredited Project Manager (APRM™) and Accredited Program Manager (APGM™)

You have a great web portal and completing your certification programs is really quick and without hassle. The training material is great, registration is easy and the test is very thought provoking.

Melissa C. Doyle, HSBC United States,
Accredited Product Manager (APDM™)

The learning content on your web portal is really good, easy to understand and learn. It helped a lot to quickly comprehend the concepts. I will definitely recommend your web portal and certifications to my colleagues and friends. Everything about the exam was also good.

Mark Cannon, Adobe United States,
Accredited Project Manager (APRM™)

I have been working in automotive sector, one of biggest OEMs in the world. We used to do project management as usual, let's say, without knowing the methodology in exact details. I have come up with IO4PM while searching a good place to get trained and certified. Luckily, their methodology is very quick & easy to understand. I managed to adapt in my company which is being considered to build a project management office. With the help of the training and certification of Accredited Project Manager, I am thinking to switch my career to project management office. Thanks to IO4PM for enabling this options in my career for me.

Birkan Atlamaz, Isuzu, R&D Project Manager
Accredited Project Manager (APRM™)

I have taken the Scrum Master and Product Owner, Six-Sigma certification courses, and more recently the Project Management certification. I passed all the exams the first time, thanks to the awesome instructions and organized materials. I believe the quality of the course outline, greatly helped me to prepare for the type of questions on the exam. Certifications are a very good way of ensuring everyone reaches a common level of understanding. At the end of the day, it basically comes down to certifications being an internationally recognized credential. If you can put that on your resume, you'll have a competitive edge over another individual who doesn't have it. Thank you for preparing me for these exams and for your encouragement and support to succeed! I highly recommend taking your certification courses to anyone wishing to advance in the corporate ladder!

Lloyd Bumanglag, Guthy Renker, LLC, California USA,
acquired Scrum Master/Product Owner, Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt and Project Manager Certifications

As a project management professional, I have been searching for certifications which are internationally accredited and also affordable. Most certifications out there are either costly or lack of recognition.
I am pretty thankful that I have found two great certification bodies: International Organization for Project Management and International Scrum Institute. With great price I am able to challenge myself with well designed exam questions and to show the employers my expertise with verified certifications in the fields of Project Management and Scrum.
Thanks to them I am now an accredited program manager and scrum coach. I strongly recommend IO4PM - International Organization for Project Management and International Scrum Institute certification programs to those who are working or interested in Project Management and Scrum fields.

Chien-Chang (David) Chen, Project Manager, Scrum Coach, Boston Management & Consulting, LLC.,
acquired Project Management and Scrum Coach Accredited Certifications

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